Hi there, human.

We are Kumlaude, an award-winning, Madrid-based agency.

We bring light in this topsy-turvy world.

At Kumlaude, we believe in the power of data-driven strategies so that users will ❤️ you.

Simplicity is beautiful. We let data guide business decisions. The ultimate goal? Over-the-top user experience & conversions.

In a time of overfilled schedules, brands need to provide timely-value more than ever. We help brands to achieve just that by implementing smart 360 digital strategies.

Our motto is: Data has a better idea.

From SEO to advanced email marketing strategies, our digital strategies help boost conversions and brand awareness while compiling analytics performance.

How we


Kumlaude is a data driven agency, rooted in the spirit of gratitude & appreciation.

We partner with brands and companies to foster deeper relationships and trigger new forms of audience engagement.

Loves Trekking & Poetry

I would be lying if I told you that I’ve had an orthodox career. In fact, it’s been pretty much the opposite. A Telecommunications Engineer by trade, I worked at the Ericsson R&Center, in Madrid and Stockholm. After that, I took the leap to Geneva, to work at the European Center for Particle Physics while studying for a degree in Physical Sciences, with a major in Astrophysics.

In 2006, I founded a 100% online adventure travel agency, and in 2010 we won the National Award for Best Online Strategy. My life began to focus on the digital world, and by 2012 it had become my full-time work. Besides enjoying my work at Kumlaude with my partner María, I’m an Associate Professor at the IE Business School in Madrid, and Associate Professor at the University of Geneva.

This is what I’m most proud of:

Receiving the 2010 National Awards for Best Online Strategy;
• Having worked at CERN, a world-class physics research center;
• Being part of prestigious institutions such as the IE Business School and the University of Geneva.
• Being the founder of Tribu Olaf.
Loves Nature & Painting

I’m passionate about strategy and communication. I started working as creative in the advertising agency Young&Rubicam. After that, I joined the client management team at Vodafone. Two years after, I was seduced by the challenge of launching the third telephony operator in Spain: Amena/Orange-France Telecom, where I worked for 10 years. From there, I worked at the marketing consulting agency Advise, serving clients such as Telefónica, BBVA, Telepizza, and others.

Now, I’ve taken a big step by founding Kumlaude along with my partner. Here, I help our clients solve their marketing and communication challenges, optimize their budget, their time, and —most importantly— their results. And all of that with a lot of care.

This is the work I’m most proud of:

The work for the launch of Amena;
• The creation of the Portantos Program, for the Spanish Episcopal Conference, which won us the Golden EFI Award in 2009.